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Here I am and my Common Eider that won several awards: First Place Blue Ribbon, Best of Category, Best of State, Best of Show, Breakthrough Award (Judges Choice Best of Show) Missouri State Taxidermy Competition August 2, 2008
Hi, I'm Bruce Owens of Wild Trophies Taxidermy in Winfield, Missouri.  I also teach and operate Wild Trophies Taxidermy School and you can visit that website here at: www.missouritaxidermyschool.com

I first started my passion for the art of taxidermy by age 12. A Taxidermist by the name of Bill Heller lived 2 homes away from my grandparents in which my family and I visited every weekend. I would walk to his home and visit him any chance that arrived. I asked him one day if he would teach me how to mount a bird. He then shot a pigeon and to my delight we mounted it. 

I was hooked from that point on and have been fascinated with wildlife art ever since. I used to collect squirrels and birds, and mount them on my kitchen table. I ordered those lessons from J.W. Elwood and in addition did mail order taxidermy lessons. 

Soon after at 14, I began my first job. I did a lot of moving around when I was just a boy. I have worked for numerous Taxidermists throughout the country and in Costa Rica, California, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Texas, and finally now in Missouri. I have made a lot of friends throughout the years and have gained techniques and acquired styles from them along the way that have made me the unique taxidermist I am today.

Birds have always been my favorite, and they are the wildlife I cherish the most while I appreciate their unique color patterns and beauty. 

After years of studying, I then was introduced into competition in Denver, Colorado. My first judge was Bob Berry which unfortunately didn't grant me with a ribbon.

Soon after I was introduced to a man named Don Bowman. When I visited his taxidermy shop I was so amazed and astonished by his talent that I inquired on lessons from this talented Taxidermist. After I retained all the teachings I could from Don, I began submitting my taxidermy art into taxidermy competitions again. From that point on, taxidermy competition was my new found passion. Thanks to Don, I have won dozens of taxidermy awards throughout my career.

It has since been 10 years since my last competition entry. In 2003 I moved back to Montana to freshen up on my taxidermy skills and learned from a man named Chris Bashman. In 2007, I visited a Missouri show and achieved the highest scoring with Birds & in the Masters Division. My achievements have all been in recognition in birds. 

Here in Winfield, MO I operate a full-time shop, 30 miles Northeast of Louis. I am currently residing in a small farm town centering 90 duck & goose clubs. This to me is a sanctuary. 

Throughout the years I have been a member of several associations & am actively a member of Missouri's Taxidermy Association, Ducks Unlimited, & Delta Waterfowl. In addition to this, I gladly donate a mount every year to D.U. to help with the caring of Waterfowl.

Master Taxidermist Bruce Owens' 
Accomplishments and Awards
26 First Place Ribbons
11 Second Place Ribbons
5 Third Place Ribbons
10 Best of Category
2 Best Habitats
2 Best of Show Judges Choice
1 Best of the Best Masters
1 Best of the State
1 Breakthrough Award
1 Wasco Award
1 Award of Excellence
1 First and Second at Nationals
Missouri taxidermist Bruce Owens of Wild Trophies Taxidermy
Wild Trophies Taxidermy
Bruce Owens 
Master Taxidermist & Taxidermy School Instructor
1008 South Hwy 79
Winfield, MO 63389
Call Bruce @ 636-295-2214 or 636-566-8949